We will be in different areas at risk of malaria so professionally recommend taking preventive as Malarone, but personally especially in women newly married or become pregnant forecasts systematically use at dusk and dawn mosquito repellent.

They are generally areas of high risk but ... better safe

You should bring good Photo machine Prismatic with enough batteries and memory cards, comfortable clothes, handy bags, from June to end of August a jacket, US dollars, and those who smoke the snuff is cheaper in Africa.

In case of allergies, special meals or any special requirements, we can solve anything if we are notified in advance.

Visas: Each country and each trip has its own system, but generally are taken directly at the airport or at the border being Zimbabwe alone has a payment of 35US single entry and 45 double

IMPORTANT: The passport must be valid minimun 6 months an have 2 pages free