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For more than 20 years I fell in love with Africa after living for a year in Ivory Coast, but since then, and very much to my regret, I had not had the chance to return, until one day, my sister Proposed to make a trip through African lands. We were studying and comparing the different options offered by the market. We wanted it to be a special trip, unlike what most agencies offer ... we did not want to feel like a pair of lambs among a herd of tourists following the steps of a scheduled tour to the last coma. We finally met with MASHUDU, who seemed to make a difference, and from the hand of Pedro Queipo del Llano we embarked on what was the great adventure of our lives. Everything a success !. It was a wonderful trip, fun, exciting, that made us vibrate in every moment. It thrilled us, which made the adrenaline sprout through every pore of our skin. We toured several countries; We enter the savannah of South Africa where we traveled hundreds of kilometers accompanied by the animals that inhabit there; Elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, leopards, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, birds of a thousand colors ... so wild and so free ... so beautiful ... The beaches of Mozambique, paradisiacal and eternal. Endless beaches of fine white sand where the look is lost in the horizons ... Swaziland, with its friendly and welcoming people, with their villages full of children running after us and offering us the best of their smiles. Staying in each place, in hotels full of magic and charm, surrounded by nature, under black and starry skies. Thank you, Peter, for being so great. So kind and funny. So polite and attentive. So amiable and so flexible at our whims. Thank you, to you and your company, for this wonderful experience that I will never forget, and thank you for making my love for Africa continue to grow to infinity!


Dear pedro:

As you well know I had a great desire to visit Africa, so I started to feel different travel agencies. I decided on one with which we had an exchange of correspondence in which I was increasing the rate on what was announced until doubled and beyond.

Frustrated by what I thought was a joke, a friend facilitated your contact. We had a good understanding and prepared a trip to fit my budget that I will never forget.

The trip has been impressive, very well thought out and organized, so that we have been able to see and live three very different faces from the south of the continent. And I say live because the trip has been full of unique moments thanks to the flexibility of being a small group of six people: the four travelers, your assistant and you.

Like the breathtaking beaches of Mozambique, its people, you experience going to make the purchase to the market, and the delicious red fish that you cooked us. The fun wedding we could see in a hotel where we got bitten. The picturesque Swaziland, so surprising that it seemed as if by magic, a part of the Pyrenees had moved to South Africa.

And, of course, the impressive Kruger Park where we could observe the wild animals in their natural surroundings and where I had one of the most intense experiences that I remember when contemplating, in the silence of the night, the glitter of the eyes of a leopard stalking To a gazelle; Very slowly it was approaching until it was thrown on her. At that moment our heart was paralyzed and someone screamed. The gazelle managed to escape. At that moment we felt a huge relief but after a while, this relief was mixed with concern that the pair of leopards (there was another stalking), despite their effort, could not get the food necessary for their survival. A whole lesson from nature.

The organization, can only be described as unbeatable converting the experience into a unique trip, with nothing to do with what an agency can organize to use. The result is so personalized and the relationship so close that more than a tour of tourism has been like making a visit to a friend, which is what you have become.

First-class accommodation, the wonderful house in Phalaborwa, the bungalows in the Kruger, the magnificent apartment with pool in Mozambique, and the beautiful Swaziland bungalow with the gazelles running around and also a beautiful view to finish in the impressive hotel of Pretoria.

Meals were also moments of camaraderie and fun, from the barbecues in the Park or dinner with the mentioned red fish that you prepared us in Mozambique, not counting with great restaurants like in Swaziland or Pretoria.

If I have to put some but, this has been finalizing the trip leaving so many places to visit. Although this has arrangement as I intend to return.

Undoubtedly, these few lines are insufficient to convey all the experience that has meant this trip, but I hope they can help others to venture into a magical and beautiful experience that will undoubtedly become part of their best memories.

A hug,


Dear Pedro

Given my passion for the African continent, I decided to make a family safari looking for authentic experiences and to leave the typical commercial circuits. To do this, contact Pedro Queipo de Llano, a Spanish resident in Africa for over 15 years and with a long and extensive experience in safaris of all kinds.

Once framed our idea of safari, Pedro came with a proposal that at first seemed bold, given that we traveled with children of 8, 9 and 12 years. However, after making sure that Peter "saw it clearly" we decided to carry it out.

Our experience started in Bottswana, with a 4 day and 3 night trip in the Okavango Delta, using the mokoros as a means of transport. The Okavango is amazing, but the way of visiting it, from the water in canoe, without noises of any kind and totally isolated from any town made us disconnect the first of all that we carried with us from prevacacional stress and worries. We saw all sorts of wildlife, walked through the delta, took photos of our lives, and back, a beer on the river bank, in one of those unforgettable travelers lodge: The Old Bridge.

We continued our trip to Zimbabwe, stopping at lodge exquisitely selected by Peter. After the Okavango camp, we fancied a day of comfort, and so we had. With my wife's birthday celebration and cake included! Everything a detail and surprise.

Road to Zimbawe, we visit the Chobe, a park with a great density of animals. We visited it from the river and in 4 * 4, and saw everything, everything, everything.

We entered Zimbabwe, where, if more preambles, we go to the Victoria Falls, and organize the last part of the trip, in a national park of Zimbabwe little known but absolutely advisable. There we had the most authentic African experience, by landscape, by fauna, by lodging.

At all times Pedro took care of us excellently. He worried that our trip would live up to our expectations, and that at any moment we had no sensation of risk or disorganization (easy for those lands), and at the same time we had the experience that we were looking for.

I have to say that all our experiences were fulfilled with leftovers, and will surpass, making this safari an unforgettable family experience for us, our children, our family, often speaks at home of what we did, we saw, we met on the Safari.

If you are looking for a trip that is an unforgettable experience, and other than the typical commercial trip, Pedro is the person.

We repeat for sure.

Dr JB, MD, DDS, PhD.

Director of Birbe Clinic. Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Surgery.

Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


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Dear pedro


From the perspective that gives the time, I want to give you some lines of thanks for the wonderful memory of the trip, photographic safari, that you organized for my family last August by South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.


Despite the incidents suffered, I have not heard any of the members of my family complain about you or your organization. What's more, everyone has praised your ability to respond and solve unforeseen problems and incidents.


It is to be thankful (and sometimes to demand), in any trip, that the disposition of the organizer is complete, if we add a good face, a permanent smile and great doses of interesting conversation, "under African magic", the trip can not Have a bad result and this is what we have received during 10 unforgettable days.


There is no doubt that our objective of knowing Africa, the truth, and outside the commercial tourist circuit, has been achieved. You can be sure that my recommendation, to which I ask, will always be for you and your team.


I do not want to forget the members of your organization; Miempie, overwhelming, cheerful and friendly South African; Your collaborator Kelvin, Zimbabwean willing and always eager to please, insisted that we learn a song in his native language ... and he got it:

"Shosholoza, shosholoza, ku'lezontaba, stimela squonda, and Zimbabwe ...", precious !, and, of course, Sharon, a small Zimbabwean, but whose presence was continually felt.


I only have one thorn left that I will have to heal later and it is to enjoy, again with you !, a few hunting days, learning to hunt, really, and to the footprint.


It receives a big hug from my whole family, we truly enjoy Africa, its landscapes, fauna and food and, above all, its people. Please convey it to the members of your organization.




Juan Mª de Egaña Barrenechea



Family of Egaña López-Doriga

Marta de Egaña Barrenechea